Who We Are

The Brown University Brain Bee is a competition designed to introduce high school students to the field of Neuroscience. During the competition, students are tested on their knowledge of various aspects of the brain, such as learning and memory, sleep, addiction, movement, and neurological disorders.

Why join us?

Brown Brain Bee: $200, paid trip to National Brain Bee

National Brain Bee: $1500 scholarship, a research internship with a neuroscientist, and a paid trip to the International Brain Bee.

Students learn about a diverse array of topics, including brain anatomy, the neuron, neurotransmitters, brain development, sense and perception; learning, memory, and language; movement, stress, sleep, aging, and neurological disorders.

The Brown Brain Bee is sponsored by Neurology Foundation, Inc., the Brown University Neuroscience Department, and the Biology Office of Undergraduate Education.

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Students will be tested on material from Brain Facts, a primer published by the Society for Neuroscience. In addition, several review sessions will be held on campus at Brown University.

Brain Facts

Brain Facts is a free neuroscience primer publishd by the Society for Neuroscience. View the full pdf or view other options for obtaining a copy here.


Prepared by Brown students, these powerpoints are helpful for studying the material for the Brain Bee.


Each week, Brown University students travel to local high schools to teach subjects in neuroscience. Click here to view the full schedule. For specific directions to and around campus, click here.

Meet The Team

Our team of undergraduate coordinators helps to plan, teach, and host the Brown Brain Bee!


For five years, Brown has hosted Rhode Island's only Brain Bee. Explore our adventures together through the years!



Brown's virtual reality theater.



Anika won 2nd place in 2017.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Get up close and personal at the Brown Brain Fair.


2017 Brain Bee

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2017 Brain Bee.

2015 Coorinators

2015 Coorinators

Thanks to our 2015 Coordinators!

Carin and Mac

Carin and Mac 2017

Thanks to our head coordinators, Carin and Mac.

Big Group

2015 Brain Bee

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2015 Brain Bee!

Kids With Brains

Brainy Kids

Kids look at brain at the 2017 Brown Brain Fair.



Daphne won 1st place in 2017.

Brain Bee

Practicing for the Bee

Students practice for the Brain Bee

Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality

Brown's VENlab offers a new perspective on neuroscience at the Brain Fair.


Thanks to our volunteers!

Our friends who teach every week came to volunteer for the Bee!

Brain Bee 2

Founder Tara Taroubi

Tara founded the Brown Brain Bee as a sophomore in 2012.


Katheryne and Edily

Thanks to North Smithfield High for participating!

Pipecleaner Neurons

Pipecleaner Neurons

Graduate Students offer fun activities, like diy neurons!

Brain Bee Winners

2015 Winners

L to R: Stein, Emily, Sarah, Victoria, Tara


The Bee 2017

Participants listen as questions are read.

Good Pic

Graduate Student Judges

Graduate students judge the 2016 Brain Bee



Megan won 3rd place at the 2017 Brain Bee!

Carin Mac Girl

Second Place 2016

Second place: Victoria Marion, CHSE


Judges 2017

Thanks to Dr. Patrick and our grad student judges!

2016 Big

2016 Brain Bee

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2016 Brain Bee!

Stein Teaching

Dr. Stein 2017

Thanks again to our host, Dr. Stein!


Writing Down Answers

Participants rush to answer a question!

Carin Mac Steph

Third Place 2016

Third place: Stephanie Nunez, CHSE

Winners 2017

Winners 2017

Shoutout to Daphne, Anika, and Megan!

Hand Off

Hand Off

Stein awards Victoria with the second place prize



We enjoy this sour ensemble while taste tripping on mircale berries!

Brain Fair

On March 19th, 2016, in conjunction with Brain Awareness Week and Brain Week RI, the Brown Brain Bee and the Cure Alliance for Mental Illness hosted the first annual Brain Fair, featuring interactive demonstrations about brain science from 28 labs and student groups! Over 600 people from Brown and the Providence community attended!

This year's brain fair will be March 17th, 2018! Learn more about the RI Brain Week.


Throughout the program, we have organized several "special events" which students have the opportunity to attend. These events allow students to relate content in lessons to the real world and to interact with graduate students, professors, and researchers within the Neuroscience Department at Brown.

Taste Tripping

"Taste Tripping" with miracle berries

Miracle berries contain a glycoprotein that bind to taste receptors, causing sour foods to taste sweet!


Exploring DTI images in the Brown YURT

Brown's state of the art virtual reality theater is the perfect way to view diffusion tensor images (DTI).

Brain Demo

Getting hands on with the brain demo

Students had the opportunity to see real preserved human brains from the Brown Neuroscience Department.

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Get in touch with us by emailing admin@brownbrainbee.org or filling out the form below. We'd love to hear from you!